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We for She YYC

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Donate to We for She YYC to end domestic violence against women. The time is now.

Simply, everyone deserves a fair chance at a happy, healthy, and full life. In order to achieve this, a top priority is to end violence in all its forms. We must press for progress—violence has a lasting impact on victims and communities, and limits people’s ability to meet their full potential.

While all genders experience and can perpetrate domestic violence, in Alberta, 80% of victims of spousal violence are women. That’s a stat we can’t ignore, and we must address it urgently. In Calgary, reports of domestic violence are rising year over year—in fact, they have nearly doubled in the past five years: rising 73% from 2,795 occurrences in 2013 to 4,847 occurrences in 2017. Domestic violence negatively impacts the physical and mental well-being of individuals and families, and pushes people toward poverty. It stops women from participating fully and equally in their communities, leading to gender imbalance across society as a whole.

Ending domestic violence and creating greater equality is complex, requiring innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. It involves many dimensions including education, prevention, response, housing, employment, and more. For that reason, United Way has partnered with more than 20 local charities focused on women’s issues to create We for She YYC. This fund will have a major impact on solving issues facing women in our community. United Way is proud to bring people together to solve tough challenges and improve local lives. Our work goes well beyond simply funding, to actively working on designing new solutions to longstanding problems.

Please donate now.

Donations made to We for She YYC will be distributed equally among women-focused organizations serving the Calgary area. Participating agencies include:

• Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter
• YW Calgary
• Women's Centre
• Making Changes
• Catholic Family Services
• Brenda Strafford Society
• Made By Momma
• Emma House
• Skipping Stone

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United Way works tirelessly to improve lives through the power of local communities. We invest in local programs and collaborations in the areas of poverty, kids, and communities to help local residents thrive.

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